The Way You Hold A Pen Reveals Interesting Qualities About Your Personality

There are various ways to judged someone’s personality like how we talk, how we walk, what gestures we use and many other things. Nut have you ever thought that the way we hold a pen says a tonne about our personality?

Yeah, you heard it right! A way of holding pen tell a lot about someone personality. If you want to know the kind of person sitting opposite you, just ask him or her to write something.


#1. Holding the pen between first finger and thumb.


These people are very communicative.They like to talk with other people.

This shows that you are logical and having a convincing power.

You are a cool minded person and people are convinced easily by you. They have a good effect on them by your strong personality.


#2. If you hold the pen between the first and the second finger, then…

You are a friendly person.


You are always there for people to listen to their problems but you don’t like exaggerated things.

Also, you are forgiving a person.


#3. If the thumb is above the fingers.

You are a creative artist.


There is always a positive energy going around with you.

You like to live in your thoughts and your imagination level is beyond the veil.


#4. If you hide your second finger behind the index finger, then…

You have a conflicting personality.


You tend to depend more on people.

You are not an independent person always looking for other consent. Even if you have to take a decision about yourself, you’ll ask from others.


#5. If you hold the pen straight up, and not in a tripod position.

You are a sophisticated person. Calmness is one of your best traits.

You are smarter than other people and mature too.

You move along with the world and always keep an eye on what’s in trend.


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