Ronaldo Became Dad For The Fourth Time Right After A Reality Star Accused Him Of Cheating

2017 seems like the luckiest year for Cristiano Ronaldo.First, he won Men’s Player of the Year at the Best Fifa Awards 2017 and now is blessed with baby girl. His fans are really happy for him.Now he has four kids to his name.This news is a relief for all his fans because a few days ago Portuguese reality star accused Ronaldo of cheating with her pregnant girlfriend, and just after that, a good news came.

It has been confirmed by Ronaldo on Twitter and Instagram.So let’s have look at the birth of his baby and gossips about cheating allegations.


Ronaldo with his girlfriend, Georgina Rodriquez.

He publicly announced his relationship last year when people started gossiping about his affair.And then suddenly they gave the good news about expecting a child.


A baby girl for him!

He confirmed it by posting pictures on Instagram and told everyone that the childbirth was successful and the bay and his girlfriend both are fine.


The couple arrived at the hospital on Sunday.

Cristiano’s family arrived at the Hospital Quiron Universal in Madrid on Sunday. He is so happy as you can see in his Instagram pictures.This baby girl is the fourth child of Cristiano and first for Georgina.


The third kid in 2017.


He had two tins from a surrogate mother. He also posted their picture in June.


Ronaldo with his eldest son.


He named his eldest son Cristiano Jr. And we still don’t know that who is her mother.But according to reports, Ronaldo paid £10 million for the full custody of his son.


The year has been great for Ronaldo.

Life is full of happiness. And it’s true in Ronaldo case. First, he won Football Player of the Year, then twins and now a baby girl.Everything was working well for him.


He has been accused of cheating.

A 21-year-old girl accused that Ronaldo slept with her.Natacha is a Portuguese reality star, she put these allegations against Ronaldo.


Natacha is known for playing a role in a television show.


Love on Top was television show which makes Natacha popular.She told, that they became friends on social media.


They are not talking now.

Natacha claimed that after their night together, Ronaldo gave her €300 to catch a cab and go back home. She also said that Ronaldo locked her on social media accounts.


This one was the funniest.



So this time we know the identity of the mother of Ronaldo’s child, just kidding. We wish all the best to the family and praying for the good health of the newborn.


That’s all, folks!

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