3 Major Symptoms Of Vaginal Cancer That Every Woman Must Be Aware Of

It is not very common. Vaginal cancer is unusual cancer that takes place in the vagina.The cells that are directly in line with the surface of the vagina, here this cancer occurs usually.

Well if it is diagnosed at an early stage then you can cure it easily and there is a chance that you’ll get rid of it. But diagnosing it is also critical because if you’re failed to diagnose it then it will spread the roots beyond your vagina and chances are that it will not be curable the.

So it is very important that you should know the signs and symptoms of vaginal, cervical and uterine cancers.

Here are some statical details about the types of these cancers This year alone we will see over 4,800 cases with an estimated 1,240 deaths from those. Cervical cancer will see an estimated 12,820 cases with 4,210 deaths. That leaves us with uterine cancer, which will see over 61,000 cases and almost 11,000 deaths.



Symptoms of Vaginal Cancer:

First, you need to understand that these three cancers are different from each other. Vaginal cancer is a disease in which cancer cells are formed in a vagina.Cervical cancer affects the cervix which is around and firm “knob type structure” in the vagina that is the opening to the uterus. Uterine is cancer that occurs in your womb and if the situation gets serious then some people remove their uterus.Here are some symptoms of vaginal cancer:



Unusual Bleeding:

There is unusual bleeding even you’re not on your periods, after menopause or any type of bleeding which is not normal.



Color Change in Urination or Stool:

The colour of your urine will change which is not normal.There could blood in your urine or stool.The excessive need for urination or constipation are also include in symptoms.


Pelvic Pain:

If you’re experiencing any pelvic pain then visit your doctor. constant pain while you’re having intercourse or while urinating is a revealing sign.


Risk Factors for Vaginal Cancer:

Experts and researchers couldn’t even found the factors behind this cancer, it’s a mystery to them.We think that age is a factor because as you’re growing old the risk of this cancer is increased.HPV and HIV viruses are also common risk factors along with smoking.



Treatment of any type of cancer is not pretty or relaxable.Treatment involves Vaginal cancer is internal radiation, external radiation, chemotherapy, and in some cases even removing part of your vagina or all of it. But here is a good news if it is caught at first stage then there are very good chances of survival.Almost 84%of women survive when it caught at an early stage.Women diagnosed at stage 2 have a 75% survival rate, and women diagnosed at stage 3 have a 57% survival rate.




If you avoid these things then it will reduce the risk of having vaginal cancer. Minimize your alcohol consumption and try to avoid smoking.Start eating a healthy diet and drink plenty of water.You should also know your HPV status because it can cause issues, including vaginal cancer if it spreads.



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